Monday, 17 December 2012

Tranquility, Vanishing Point & Sea Mist

"Life Afloat" :- A calm winter scene captured during a still and cold afternoon at Brighton Marina on the south coast of England. I like this image as the reflections n the water give it the appearance of being "all sky" with just the mid ground showing the boats and marina wall. Very atmospheric and calming.

"Fence" :- Captured just by the 1930's built Saltdean Lido on the south coast of England (near Brighton). The pathway leads down to a pedestrian subway that gives access to the beach. I noticed the shadows running down the fence and managed to squeeze myself and the camera in the gap to get the shot. The image actually turned out better than I expected so after processing I was pleasantly surprised with the final result.

"Hazy Day" :- This image of Brighton Pier was captured back in March 2012 on a hazy and misty afternoon around 13:30 pm. The sea mist coupled with the afternoon sun was creating an odd light over everything and the normal sounds that you associate with beach life (gulls, tide etc) were stifled and compressed which added to the surreal feeling. It's not often that we get a big sea mist like this but when we do it gives the beach a completely different feel and look.

All Photography © Justin Hill