Friday, 7 December 2012

Victorian Sunset, Regal Darkness & Something From Nothing

"Food & Drinks" :- The "Beach Hut" stands on the promenade on Brighton's seafront. It sits at the bottom of West Street by a busy traffic controlled junction. I was set up on the center reservation watching the traffic lights so I could get my timing right and get a shot of the old Victorian booth against the sunset without having any trucks, buses or cars getting in the way. As luck would have it the one moment that I had to grab the shot was the one moment that the promenade was clear of people too apart from one solitary man ordering a hot drink at the booth itself. You can see the ornate iron work on it's roof silhouetted against the light, It's a prime example of Victorian Brighton.

"Night Palace" :- This is a black and white image of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton (England). It was once a summer house and slowly evolved into a Palace for the Prince Regent who later became King George IV. At night time it takes on a more sinister look as the floodlights cast huge shadows over everything.

"Sunlit Hill" :- A very simple shot that many would have not stopped to capture. I was wandering around the hills and farmland that lay between the village of Ovingdean and Whitehawk (a suburb of the city of Brighton) on the south coast of England when I noticed the angle I was at created a view that was mainly filled with a green hillside. I liked the angle and also the contrast between the rich lush green of the grass and the cloudy blue sky.

All Photography © Justin Hill