Sunday, 16 December 2012

Wet Fish Slap - Chemistry

And so we return to my musical history after having a short break. Once "Gamut" had split up I didn't quite know what to do with myself and was not only heart broken but also at a seriously loose end. Then one day my phone rang, it was Rick Willis who'd been the bass player with Gamut. We talked and I found out that he too was at a loss since the band had split up, by the time the conversation had finished we'd decided to join forces and form a different sort of group. I can't remember how but over a period of time we found a drummer who originated from Wales. His name was Stephen (I can't remember his surname at all) but for some unknown reason everyone called him "Reg". One evening we were all discussing possible names for the band when a few stupid suggestion started to be thrown around. I was getting rather annoyed and blurted out "Well if you're all going to be that stupid we may as well call the band Wet Fish Slap and be done with it!". Much to my surprise they liked that name and it stuck and that's how "WET FISH SLAP" was born. There are no studio recordings as no proper recording sessions were ever undertaken. All I have is an old cassette tape with raw live rehearsal versions of the tracks. In places you can hear us chatting, sticks clicking, buzzes from the cables and music simply finishing in a very unfinished sort of way. They are very rough so the collective sessions are now titled "Rough At The Edges". So here's track one by Wet Fish Slap and it's called "Chemistry".

Wet Fish Slap were :- "Reg" - Drums, Rick Willis - Bass & Justin Hill - Guitar