Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Wet Fish Slap - Crash The Milkfloat

I really wish that we'd gone into a decent recording studio and laid these tracks down properly but unfortunately these rough 'live' rehearsal recordings are all that there is. Considering they are at least 20 years old they've done well to last this long on an old cassette tape that I've been harboring and looking after. Anyway track #3 is the amusingly titled "Crash The Milkfloat", it rambles on a bit but there is still some structure to it and we knew what we were doing as we all finish on the beat at the end (always a good thing when playing live). The title comes from a story that our drummer "Reg" told us about a mate of his in Wales who was on his way home in the early hours of the morning and was too drunk to walk. Apparently he saw a milkfloat parked at the side of the road and thought it would be quicker and easier if he "borrowed" it and drove home. Unfortunately things didn't quite go to plan and he overturned it by going around a bend too fast, just to make things worse the milkfloat had been full and all the crates of milk that had been on the back were now strewn across the road. It made a great title for the track though...

Wet Fish Slap were :- "Reg" - Drums, Rick Willis - Bass & Justin Hill - Guitar