Thursday, 20 December 2012

Winter's Shore, 1800 Steps & Estuary

"Another Time Another Place" :- Another wonderful sunset taken from the beach. This time the beach in question is that of the coastal and historical village of Rottingdean just east of the city of Brighton, England. This shot has everything in it that I could have wished for. A cold and beautiful pastel sky, golden sun, reflecting sands and water, shadows and wonderful silhouettes of the rocks.

"Crumbling" :- These steps have been used by millions going up and down from the promenade to the beach on Brighton's seafront. They were built in the 1800's and are now (in places) in need of repair. The iron railings look as though they were put in place yesterday as they have stood the test of time very well. You can clearly see the double dolphins (an emblem of Brighton) on the iron work.

"Winding Beauty" :- Here's a shot down the length of the winding and picturesque River Cuckmere and the Cuckmere Estuary in Sussex, England. . It was captured just on the edge of the Ashdown forest looking south from the other side of the main coast road. It always amazes me how water will find it's own course and way, winding through fields and valleys and nowadays more often than not streets as well. The Cuckemere estuary is a prime example of a river finding its way , its exaggerated curves and bends look like some form of CGI work that you'd see in "Lord of the Rings" or from the pages of a fairy tale. It's a truly stunning part of Sussex and well worth a visit and ramble.

All Photography © Justin Hill