Thursday, 31 January 2013

Radiate, Reflect and Contemplate

"Shine" :- Shot a day or so before the heavy snow started to fall. This is a breakwater situated on the beach between the villages of Rottingdean and Ovingdean on the south coast of England. The sun was emitting a hard winter light which was reflecting both off the sea and the breakwater causing everything to radiate and shine.

"Pavilion Pond" :- Brighton (England) is famous for very many reasons and one of the biggest is the Royal Pavilion. It's easy to forget that this was once a Royal Palace and home to the Prince Regent who went on to become King George IV. In fact it's mainly due to the Prince Regent that Brighton became so famous. The "well to do" and aristocracy thought if it was good enough for "Prinny" then it was therefore good enough for them and Brighton's place on the map was thus ensured. The "Pavilion" was built in three stages starting in 1787. It was the designer John Nash who redesigned and extended the Pavilion between 1815 and 1822 and it's his work that you sill see standing resplendent before you today. This was shot back in June 2012 during a most wonderful heatwave. The pond reflecting the Royal Pavilion is actually very small, a low viewpoint and wide angle helped create the image.

"Looks Like Rain" :- This was captured a few months ago on farmland above Patcham (a suburb of Brighton, England). I'd been visiting a monument called "The Chattri" (a war memorial to the fallen Indian soldiers who had fought for the British Empire during the First World War) and found myself overlooking much of Brighton as well as a lot of grazing sheep. The shot was an afterthought as I liked the line of the trees and fence as well as the silhouetted gate. The clouds provided a perfect background but at the same time made me aware that I ought to head back before the rain came.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Falmer Freeze, River Path and Watercraft

"Land of Ice and Snow" :- This is the pond located within the small and very ancient village of Falmer near Brighton, England. It was cold enough to freeze over several inches thick in places and a light covering of snow tried to disguise the fact that there was any water in the vicinity at all. I like this image as there are no road signs, cables, pylons, cars, modern buildings thus creating a timeless feel to it all.

"Forgotten Engineers" :- Captured down by the River Adur in Shoreham, Sussex, England. The pathway takes you directly under the old railway bridge that traverses the river. The bridge was originally a wooden trestle bridge and t was opened in 1845. In 1911 the wooden version was replaced with the iron and steel girder one that you see here. The bridges supporting cylinders go 70 feet down into the river bed.

"Catamaran" :- A green catamaran sits patiently alongside others on Brighton beach , England. The large red brick building in the background on Kings Road is the 4 star Hilton Brighton Metropole hotel. Apparently the hotel is also the UK's largest residential conference centre. The architect was Alfred Waterhouse (architect of University College London and the Natural History Museum) and the hotel was built in 1890 and has 340 bedrooms.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Underworked, Wild Grass and False Tropics

"Life Guard" :- There are many reasons as to why I stopped to capture this moment. The bright red & yellow of the "Life Guard" screen against the blue of the sea. The iconic Victorian Pier stretching off with the promise of entertainment and thrills at the far end. The biggest thing that caught my attention though was the life guard himself, sitting patiently on the beach and in effect guarding no life at all due to it being devoid of any tourists, holiday makers, day trippers or locals. Captured on Brighton beach (South coast of England) on 7th July 2012 just after 10 am.

"Wuthering Heights" :- Captured down among the wild grasses that are found covering the top of the cliffs at Peacehaven on the south coast of England. Just a few feet to the right of this shot the the land stops, plummeting over the edge of the cliff and down to the beach and sea many meters below.

"Palace Palm" :- The world famous Royal Pavilion can be found in the city of Brighton on the south coast of England. Surrounded by gardens and palm trees with a pseudo Indian exterior and an equally pseudo Chinese interior the Pavilion is not what one would expect to find situated in the UK. This image makes it look more tropical than it normally appears because it was captured during a mini heatwave. Nine times out of ten the pavilion is shrouded in mist or being belted by rain or winds.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Monday, 28 January 2013

Sea Wall, Overgrown and Incoming Tide

"A Parallel Universe" :- A cold winters sun and day on the underclff walk between the villages of Ovingdean & Rottingdean on the south coast of England. The sun was streaming in through a gap in the sea wall and creating a reflection in the water left over from a rough tide.

"Old Trellis" :- A very simple image and capture. A old bit of trellis that's overgrown in my garden. I liked he look of it and knew that a black and white treatment would add to the look.

"Down the Breakwater" :- Another very simple shot. Camera placed on the breakwater, focus on the end and take the shot. Nothing more than that. I was going to process the image as a black and white but liked the harsh colors of the stone and sea next to the pastel yellowing sky so left it as a color image. The end result was more powerful that I though it would be.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Light Arches, A Doorway and Tons of Chalk

"Shadowlands" :- This image was captured nearly a year ago on February 2nd 2012 and has been patiently waiting for it's turn to be uploaded and seen by you all. It's a somewhat different view of the famous Victorian Arches and Terrace (built in 1890) that run along the length of Madeira Drive on Brighton seafront , England.

"The Bookshelf" :- This was shot inside Gloucester Place Baptist Church in the city of Brighton, England. I'd passed the Church many times but had never ventured inside before. On this particular day they had a photographic exhibition on displaying work by a few locals and I thought I'd go in and have a look around. Feeling uninspired by what was on display I ended up taking a few images inside the Church instead! Stacked up on the shelf are Bibles and Hymn books.

"Black, White & Blue" :- This is part of the very famous "Seven Sisters" cliff face on the south coast of England. The cliffs run from the Cuckmere Esturary along to Birling Gap and then rise up to form Beachy Head at Eastbourne which is the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain, rising to 162 m (530 ft) above sea level. To give a sense of scale to this partof the cliff face if you look carefully you can see a few tiny people walking along on the beach.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Illuminated Place, Farmland and Beach Hues

"A Fathers Conversation" :- Shot in Brighton Place which is part of the famous "Lanes" in the city of Brighton on the south coast of England. Once again I had set up for the shot and just as I was about to capture it a couple of men came out from a restaurant (one pushing a pram) and proceeded to have a chat. They seemed to add a little interest to the scene so I grabbed it anyway.

"Barbed Wire Fence" :- This image was captured on a public bridleway that's on farmland in the village of Ovingdean. Over the brow of the distant hill the city of Brighton (England) is spread out along the coast.

"Color Shifting Sands" :- Rottingdean beach (near Brighton, England) at sundown. The tide had gone out a considerable way revealing a rare glimpse of sand. The ripples that the sea had carved into it were catching the light and reflecting the pastel colors and hues beautifully. I had the beach to myself and found my thoughts questioning if the locals knew what they were missing.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Friday, 25 January 2013

Ominous Beach, Eternal Reverence and Limbo Light

"On The Brink" :- An incoming storm and an outgoing sun captured back in December 2012 on the beach at Ovingdean Gap near Brighton on the south coast of England. The skies had been clear when I first got to the beach but the ominous black clouds arrived shortly after adding to the overall mood of the scene.

"Deep Thought" :- A bright , hot and sunny day is a rarity in England so when we do get one I am out and about with my camera. Back in August (2012) I walked into Brighton (England) over the downs from the village of Ovingdean grabbing images along the way. I ended up taking a walk around Brighton & Preston Cemetery which is where this image was captured. I thought the female figure was very thought provoking and she seemed to exude a timeless quality that also conveyed an immense eternity.

"Beat The Bull" :- Early evening on the end of Brighton's famous pier on the south coast of England. The day was beginning to fade and the lights and illuminations had just been switched on creating a moment of seaside "limbo".

All Photography © Justin Hill

Thursday, 24 January 2013


Captured and processed on 21st Jan 2013. This is "Happy Valley" park in Woodingdean (near Brighton). I'd been out on an errand in the car and happened to notice this view as I drove past. As soon as I was back home I grabbed the camera and headed on out to the park again to capture it. When I got there I was annoyed to find that some kids had left the gate under the trees open so before I could take the shot I had to wander all the way over to shut the gate and then wander all the way back again. It was worth it though as it looks far better with the gate closed.
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Photography by Justin Hill ©

Harbour Sun, Grave View and Iconic Prom

"Widewater" :- Captured near the mouth of Shoreham Harbour in Sussex on the south coast of England. It was the 24th of July 2012 and Britain was caught in an unexpected heatwave. I'd gone for a drive around the south downs and decided to head back home via the coast road and stopped off en route to grab a few shots down by the waters edge.

"Distant Mill" :- This was shot on 20th Jan 2013 right at the back of St Margaret's churchyard in the ancient village of Rottingdean (England). I knew there was a large tree at the far end and realised that it would be providing a lot of shade and contrast to the snow covered graves and scenery. I was pleased to discover that you could still clearly see "Beacon Mill" up on the hill in the distance.

"Coalition" :- The iconic Victorian cast-iron railings are instantly recognisable as being part of Brighton seafront and promenade on the south coast of England. In Victorian times cast-iron was relatively cheap, sturdy, and available locally within Brighton from several foundries which were in the North Laine.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Frozen Land, Pots & Pans and a Place to Sit

"White Way" :- This was shot a couple of days ago on 21st Jan 2013. Bleak, barren and very picturesque. I'd pulled of the road (very carefully) into a snowy layby and trudged about a bit up on the wind blown and snow covered downs. Behind me is Woodingdean (a suburb of Brighton on the south coast of England) and in front of me (over the brow of the hill) lay the ancient village of Falmer.

"Trevor Mottram Ltd" :- Situated within "The Pantiles" in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England. The store sells cooking appliances and household kitchen appliances. I have been trying to find out a little about the history of the building and when the business was established but 'm sorry to say I have found nothing. It is however safe to surmise that the building is probably from the Eighteenth Century as much of Royal Tunbridge Wells is from that era.

"Two Seats" :- Over the last 15 years or so Brighton's promenade, seafront and beach has seen huge redevelopments and design overhauls. It's now a much more cheery and vibrant place compared to how it used to be back in the 70's, 80's and early 90's. This area has been constructed using large sleepers and driftwood giving it a very organic and seaside feel.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Winter Wonderland, Hotter Days and Victorian Stumps

"Arcadia" :- This image is hot off the press as it was captured and processed yesterday (21st Jan 2013). This is "Happy Valley" park in Woodingdean (near Brighton). I'd been out on an errand in the car and happened to notice this view as I drove past. As soon as I was back home I grabbed the camera and headed on out to the park again to capture it. When I got there I was annoyed to find that some kids had left the gate under the trees open so before I could take the shot I had to wander all the way over to shut the gate and then wander all the way back again. It was worth it though as it looks far better with the gate closed.

"Beach Bar" :- This was captured on Brighton beach (England) back in July 2012 when the weather was far hotter, sunnier and almost tropical for a short period of time. Brighton has many different beach bars dotted along its lower promenade, when the sun is out they are all packed with day trippers, tourists and locals. The buildings on Kings Road (upper level) that you can see are the Brighton Centre (left) which opened on the 19th September 1977 and Kingswest Centre (right) which was built in the 1960's and turned from an ice rink into a cinema in 1973. Bing Crosby's last ever live performance was at the Brighton Centre on October 10, 1977, he died a few days later on October 14, 1977, on La Moraleja Golf Course near Madrid, Spain.

"Standing Proud" :- Many people wander about the beach near the village of Rottingdean on the south coast of England and none of them realise why there are odd stumps of wood sticking up here and there in among the rocks and pools. They were once mighty wooden poles / pylons that carried electricity cables that powered the "Pioneer" (also known affectionately as the "Daddy Long-Legs") from 1896 until 1901. Her tracks were laid on concrete sleepers mortised into the bedrock. "Pioneer" was a 45 by 22 ft (13.7 by 6.7 m) pier-like building which stood on four 23 ft (7.0 m)-long legs and was driven by electric motor. Due to regulations then in place, a qualified sea captain was on board at all times, and the car was provided with lifeboats and other safety measures. Here's a link to a very early photograph of "Pioneer" so you can see just how beautiful she looked (and how mad the Victorian's really were) : "Pioneer"

All Photography © Justin Hill

Monday, 21 January 2013

Glass Wall, Graveyard and a Subway

"Brighton Library" :- This is the "Jubilee Library" in the coyty of Brighton , England. It's situated in Jubilee Square which was part of a a £50 million scheme to regenerate a 40-year-old brownfield site. The Library was opened in 2005 by the Princess Royal and later visited by Queen Elizabeth II. The library has won many design awards and has been described as "a triumph", "the most important public building constructed in Brighton since the Royal Pavilion" and "the superhero that saved the city". In terms of visitor numbers and loans, the library is one of the busiest in England.

"George Field Esq" :- This is part of the churchyard of St Wulfran's an 11th Century Church situated in the village of Ovingdean to the East of Brighton, England. Both the church and the village are listed in the Domesday Book which was compiled and written in 1086.

"A Light to Shine the Way" :- This is the southern end of the pedestrian passageway that runs underneath "Marine Drive" (A259) at Ovingdean Gap on the south coast of England. The busy coastal road is dangerous to cross at the best of times so this underground passageway gives easy access to and from the beach.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Karmic Zen, Chalk Patterns and Dark Lot

"Wat Monthian Buddha" :- Wat Monthian is situated in the city of Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand. The temple overlooks the northern side of the one mile square moat that surrounds the original part of the ancient and historic city. Over a year or so I watched them build this Buddha. It starting off life as a wooden and wire framework and slowly it took shape a grew.

"Water Line" :- Captured at the base of the cliffs on Peacehaven beach on the south coast of England. Slippery and treacherous chalk boulders litter the pebbled beach but in places the white chalk shows up clearly indicating the way the tide and sea behaves. You can clearly see a pattern.

"Face It" :- A creepy car parking lot on the corner of Elder Place and New England Street in the coastal city of Brighton, England. I discovered the place devoid of cars and life but the stench notified me that people had been about recently and probably slept there from time to time. My objective was to get in, grab some shots and get out again asap. Since I took this shot the entire place has been cleaned up and white washed over.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Lit Lanes, Bare Bark and a Skeletal Pier

"Union Street" :- Union Street is part of the historical and very famous "Lanes" in the city of Brighton on the south coast of England. In fact this area was once part of the original settlement of Brighthelmstone. Slowly this part of Brighton was built up during the late 18th century until it was fully laid out by 1792.

"Naked" :- At the time of capturing this image I knew it was going to look quite visual but I had no idea until I'd processed it just how powerful it actually looks. It was shot in the village of Ovingdean (near Brighton), England. I knew at the time that I was going to process it as a black and white image ... the entire scene dictated that to me.

"Staring Out to Sea" :- Pastel shades and a powerful sunset turn the remains of the West Pier on Brighton beach (England) into a giant silhouetted piece of modernistic art. The sea itself is transformed from it's grey green brooding self into a wonderful and vibrant liquid palette.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Friday, 18 January 2013

A Winter Visitor

Well now...this afternoon (approx 13:50 pm )I was sitting at the desk and working on my PC when a movement to my right caught my attention through the large double patio doors. I'd seen a reddish rustic flash shoot by and shot around in my seat to see a Fox out in the snow near the kitchen door. Fortunately for me I always have my camera nearby so I grabbed it and then hit the carpet like a commando trying my best not to startle the creature or make it run off before I could get some shots. I manged to grab three before it hurried off so I have posted them all here for you to see.

Palace Hues, Moody Faith and a Display

"Baby It's Cold Outside" :- Captured at the beginning of November 2012 this is a section of Brighton's famous Royal Pavilion on the south coast of England. It was bitterly cold with a bite in the air but that added to the clarity of everything. The warm glow coming from inside the Royal Palace was accentuated by the colors from the spotlights hitting the building.

"Altar Light" :- This is the altar within the 11th Century Church of St Wulfran's in the ancient village of Ovingdean (near Brighton), England. They have a movement activated light in operation within the church so I set up the camera where I wanted it and then stood still for 10 minutes waiting for the light to go out so I could get this moody shot in the camera.

"Old Bowls" :- This is part of the interior of a beautiful 'new' florists in Nile Street, Brighton (Sussex, England). Before opening up a shop in Brighton the owners were selling flowers in Liberty's department store on Regent Street in central London. They spotted me taking photographs outside and very kindly not only allowed me to photograph the front of their store but also offered me the chance to take a few within as well. Obviously I took them up on the offer.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Turquoise Sky, Victorian Flights and Beach

"Base Of The Downs" :- Photographed looking South from the winding Edburton Road near the rural village of Fulking in Sussex, England. The south downs create quite a barrier for the city of Brighton which nestles in between them and the south coast. This image was captured way back in July 2012 when the sun was shining and England was bathed in a surprising heatwave.

"DNA" :- This is a long flight of 120 steps known as "The Cat's Creep" that runs the entire length of a steep alleyway that connects Wakefield Road with Roundhill Crescent in Brighton, England. It's another example of Victorian Brighton as it was constructed in the 1800's and was (apparently) meant to be a proper street with houses. However, it was too steep for horses and carts so it was laid out as a footpath with eight steep flights consisting of 15 steps each instead. You can imagine how dark, mysterious and moody they appeared to be in the 1800's.

"Morning Walk" :- Brighton Beach on the south coast of England at 09:20 am on October 10th 2012. It was fresh and very cool. The clouds were looking very different from the norm. Instead of huge bulbous, brooding and heavy looking clouds they were flat and stretching off into the distance. I had decided to try something different for this shot and abandoned the tripod and set the camera on one of the old Victorian concrete breakwaters that are dotted along the beach. Getting the angle right by placing a small pebble underneath the level things up a bit I composed the shot roughly as I wanted it and was about to hit the shutter release button when a late middle aged couple decided to take their morning walk in my shot. I muttered under my breath (as always) and then realised that they actually helped balance out the image and added a bit more interest to it too so took it anyway.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

This Damn Nation - The Complete Demos

This Damn Nation - The Complete Demos 

Right you lot, having heard the This Damn Nation 1990's demo tracks one by one there's nothing left for me to treat you with. There are some "Live" recordings but to be honest they are not of a very high standard (the recordings ... not our playing) and the air does tend to turn blue more often than not due to Stave Sharp's choice selection of vocabulary when on stage. So with that I shall heartily thank you all for listening and hope that you enjoyed the ride and I'll leave you with all the demos once again but this time in one neat package.

   Lunacy Motivated Energy Spewin Chaos 

This Damn Nation were :- 

Steve Sharp (Vocals) , Steve Cook (Bass) , Andy Birch (Drums) , Ash Gordon (Guitars) and Justin Hill (Guitars)