Sunday, 13 January 2013

A Balcony, A Field and A Meteorologic Mammal

"Entrancing Exit" :- This is the exit (and entrance) of St Bartholomew's Church in the city of Brighton on the south coast of England. The church is an absolute giant, an architectural leviathan. It was designed by Edmund Scott and is (supposedly) the tallest parish church in Britain (at 135ft or 41 meters) and possibly Europe. They started building the church in 1868, its purpose was to serve the railway workers as a small mission church. The church is a Grade I listed building.

"Bitter Cold" :- This is farmland near where I live. It's hard to believe that there's a vast and large city just over the brow of that hill. Brighton is just a 10 minute drive from here. It was very chilly when I took this image, my fingers were numb within a few minutes so I decided to head back home afterwards.

"Sky Whale" :- Captured at Ovingdean Gap (near Brighton) on the south coast of England. I'd been photographing the sunset when this huge cloud slowly drifted by. t wasn't until I got back and checked my shots that I realised it's size and shape seemed to resemble that of a Whale.

All Photography © Justin Hill