Thursday, 10 January 2013

Beach Steps, Dark Mill & Natural Alchemy

"The Only Way Is Up" :- This is the beach (part of it anyway) at Peacehaven on the south coast of England. Once the underfcliff walk finishes a small and somewhat slippery set of stone steps allow you to continue your journey down on the rock and pebble strewn beach itself. The one thing I will never understand is mankind's want to concrete over everything or attach concrete to things. Access must be obtained to everything even if it means ruining the thing that you are wishing to gain access too. I wonder what this planet our looked like before concrete and brick structures? I bet it looked far more beautiful than it does now.

"Silent Witness" :- "Beacon Mill" features a lot in my photography. It's situated on "Beacon Hill" on the south coast of England and is sandwiched between the villages of Rottingdean and Ovingdean (It's also known as the "Rottingdean Windmill"). For me it's (approx) a 25 minute walk from my door to the "mill" so it ends up n a lot of my images. This one was shot at sundown a month or so ago.

"Front on the Front" :- Late afternoon on the beach at Ovingdean Gap (near Brighton) on the south coast of England. The sun was practicing it's own natural alchemy by dipping and turning the pastel blue hues into gold. The tide was on the turn and dragging it's feet whilst making it's way back in.

All Photography © Justin Hill