Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Growth & Decay, a City Below & a Village at Sea

"The Old Greenhouse" :- I have tried on various occasions to get a decent shot of this old weathered and decaying greenhouse in Stanmer Park , Brighton , England. The problem is it's behind a locked and rusty gate that's set within an old fence. The gate and the fence are severely overgrown (as is the greenhouse itself) and thick with stinging nettles. So I opted for the easy route...I walked up the hill slightly and set up from there using the zoom to get in a bit closer and sort of get the shot I was looking for.

"Tower Blocks" :- This is where it helps to have friends in high places (literally). This was captured back in June 2012 during a heatwave that had ht the south coast of England. Even at altitude the air was warm and the city of Brighton below us was basking in the heat. This view is looking south easterly over Kemp Town and out over the English channel, on very clear days you can on the odd rare occasion glimpse the coastline of France.

"A New Perspective" :- Here's a shot from the far Eastern end of Brighton Marina looking West. The ramp-way in the foreground is to gain access to the fueling station and for the odd gull to take a rest. It was a crystal clear, calm and very cold day. Only a few ripples on the sea water and very little activity out in the harbor.

All Photography © Justin Hill