Saturday, 26 January 2013

Illuminated Place, Farmland and Beach Hues

"A Fathers Conversation" :- Shot in Brighton Place which is part of the famous "Lanes" in the city of Brighton on the south coast of England. Once again I had set up for the shot and just as I was about to capture it a couple of men came out from a restaurant (one pushing a pram) and proceeded to have a chat. They seemed to add a little interest to the scene so I grabbed it anyway.

"Barbed Wire Fence" :- This image was captured on a public bridleway that's on farmland in the village of Ovingdean. Over the brow of the distant hill the city of Brighton (England) is spread out along the coast.

"Color Shifting Sands" :- Rottingdean beach (near Brighton, England) at sundown. The tide had gone out a considerable way revealing a rare glimpse of sand. The ripples that the sea had carved into it were catching the light and reflecting the pastel colors and hues beautifully. I had the beach to myself and found my thoughts questioning if the locals knew what they were missing.

All Photography © Justin Hill