Sunday, 20 January 2013

Karmic Zen, Chalk Patterns and Dark Lot

"Wat Monthian Buddha" :- Wat Monthian is situated in the city of Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand. The temple overlooks the northern side of the one mile square moat that surrounds the original part of the ancient and historic city. Over a year or so I watched them build this Buddha. It starting off life as a wooden and wire framework and slowly it took shape a grew.

"Water Line" :- Captured at the base of the cliffs on Peacehaven beach on the south coast of England. Slippery and treacherous chalk boulders litter the pebbled beach but in places the white chalk shows up clearly indicating the way the tide and sea behaves. You can clearly see a pattern.

"Face It" :- A creepy car parking lot on the corner of Elder Place and New England Street in the coastal city of Brighton, England. I discovered the place devoid of cars and life but the stench notified me that people had been about recently and probably slept there from time to time. My objective was to get in, grab some shots and get out again asap. Since I took this shot the entire place has been cleaned up and white washed over.

All Photography © Justin Hill