Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Natures Neon, The Master Mariner and Coastal View

"Blue Light" :- Captured on January 1st around noon within the 11th Century Church of St Wulfran's in the ancient village of Ovingdean (near Brighton) on the south coast of England. The church was empty and very quite, the stillness inside was deafening and the historic thick walls seemed to convey a huge feeling of safety and refuge. I'd been in there grabbing a few shots for half an hour when I noticed the light outside had changed and was making the windows set in the north wall glow with a wintry neon blue.

"Supporting Local Produce" :- The title of this image comes from the large sign that you can see on the side of "The Master Mariner", a wooden paneled inn and restaurant situated within Brighton Marina on the south coast of England. The marina has grown in size since the 1970's and it now resembles a water born village. t's a very peaceful place to wander around with the sound of gulls calling and the clanking of cables in the wind on metal masts.

"Path to the Channel" :- An unusual view of the English Channel (the tiny bit in the middle). This was shot high up on the top of the cliffs near Seaford and Cuckmere Haven in Sussex on the south coast of England. I'd parked the car and was heading down to the estuary to take some photographs when I stopped to grab this image on the way. I loved the lighting on the pathway and the greens, blues and browns all coming together to make a very natural image. It was a very hot day (captured on September 1st 2012) and the sun was heating everything up and creating a very still air and ambiance.

All Photography © Justin Hill