Wednesday, 16 January 2013

This Damn Nation - The Complete Demos

This Damn Nation - The Complete Demos 

Right you lot, having heard the This Damn Nation 1990's demo tracks one by one there's nothing left for me to treat you with. There are some "Live" recordings but to be honest they are not of a very high standard (the recordings ... not our playing) and the air does tend to turn blue more often than not due to Stave Sharp's choice selection of vocabulary when on stage. So with that I shall heartily thank you all for listening and hope that you enjoyed the ride and I'll leave you with all the demos once again but this time in one neat package.

   Lunacy Motivated Energy Spewin Chaos 

This Damn Nation were :- 

Steve Sharp (Vocals) , Steve Cook (Bass) , Andy Birch (Drums) , Ash Gordon (Guitars) and Justin Hill (Guitars)