Saturday, 12 January 2013

This Damn Nation - The Demos - Cash


Cash is track five of the This Damn Nation demos. It's a song that caused many an argument within the band. Steve Sharp (Vocals) and myself (Guitar) loved playing and performing this song, it had a wonderful groove and feel to it but meant business at the same time. However, Andy (Drums) didn't care for the song at all and was forever trying to drop it from the set list at each and every given point. I think it had something to do with the fact that the drums plod along and don't really do anything much but to be honest that's exactly what was needed for this song ... a plodding sort of marching beat that portrayed the never ending money making machines and greed within the world. Anyway more often than not we'd win our case and "Cash" would be played at full volume with Steve stomping about on stage doing his bit as if he was on some "Soap Box" shouting about the evils of the world. So here's "Cash" in all it's glory.

This Damn Nation were :- 

Steve Sharp (Vocals) , Steve Cook (Bass) , Andy Birch (Drums) , Ash Gordon (Guitars) and Justin Hill (Guitars)