Monday, 7 January 2013

Time to Reflect, "Passacaglia" and Underpassage

After the most traumatic week of my life I am now back and ready to resume posts, so here goes...

A Pull on the Heart Strings :- This is a huge moment and image for me to post. This was taken on New Years Day 2013. To be honest I never thought I'd post another image again so it's an extremely special moment for me. This was taken (near my house) just a couple of hours after I'd been told over the phone that my little girl had died. I was devastated, distraught, deeply saddened and in shock. I needed to get out so I went for a walk and took my camera along to distract me and help me focus on something other than what I'd just been told. Many of the images that I shot that afternoon are no good, composition is awful or they are out of focus etc which is not surprising when you think about the situation I was in. However this image came out fine and the reason that I am posting it here for you now is that I spoke to my little girl just an hour ago. I have no idea what happened but having been declared dead she "came to" three days later, has spent a couple of days in the hospital and has just got back home. I am one extremely and immensely happy papa!

"Heavy Metal" :- This is a close up and section of "Passacaglia", a huge iron sculpture by Charles Hadcock on Brighton Beach on the south coast of England. It was constructed in 1998 and commisioned by Brighton Borough Council via a National Lottery grant. In the background of this image you can clearly see the Brighton Pier stretching out to sea and aglow with it's many lights!

"Shelter" :- Normally when I photograph thingts like this I am outside and shooting in to get the full effect of the light inside the tunnel etc. This shot was an experiment and a "Give it a go" image that turned out rather better that I expected. This is the pedestrian subway that runs between Greenways in Ovingdean and the cliff top at Ovingdean Gap. Thundering overhead is the very busy main coast road that services the city of Brighton (on the south coast of England). As I was about to leave the dry confines of the tunnel I noticed the moody sky and grey / blue hue that was shrouding everything outside. It looked like a different world compared to that of the stark brightly lit brickwork of the underpass.

All Photography © Justin Hill