Thursday, 17 January 2013

Turquoise Sky, Victorian Flights and Beach

"Base Of The Downs" :- Photographed looking South from the winding Edburton Road near the rural village of Fulking in Sussex, England. The south downs create quite a barrier for the city of Brighton which nestles in between them and the south coast. This image was captured way back in July 2012 when the sun was shining and England was bathed in a surprising heatwave.

"DNA" :- This is a long flight of 120 steps known as "The Cat's Creep" that runs the entire length of a steep alleyway that connects Wakefield Road with Roundhill Crescent in Brighton, England. It's another example of Victorian Brighton as it was constructed in the 1800's and was (apparently) meant to be a proper street with houses. However, it was too steep for horses and carts so it was laid out as a footpath with eight steep flights consisting of 15 steps each instead. You can imagine how dark, mysterious and moody they appeared to be in the 1800's.

"Morning Walk" :- Brighton Beach on the south coast of England at 09:20 am on October 10th 2012. It was fresh and very cool. The clouds were looking very different from the norm. Instead of huge bulbous, brooding and heavy looking clouds they were flat and stretching off into the distance. I had decided to try something different for this shot and abandoned the tripod and set the camera on one of the old Victorian concrete breakwaters that are dotted along the beach. Getting the angle right by placing a small pebble underneath the level things up a bit I composed the shot roughly as I wanted it and was about to hit the shutter release button when a late middle aged couple decided to take their morning walk in my shot. I muttered under my breath (as always) and then realised that they actually helped balance out the image and added a bit more interest to it too so took it anyway.

All Photography © Justin Hill