Saturday, 12 January 2013

Wooden Walk, Two seats and Sunrise

"Palace Pathway" :- This is a wooden pathway that was constructed in November 2012 for the ice rink that was built for the holiday season at the front of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, England. The white structure with the pillars on the right hand side is part of the Royal Pavilion itself floodlit with it's white lights. Somehow or other I managed to get a shot of the pathway without hoards of people trudging up and down on it as they went to and from the ice rink. The purple (street lights give it that colour at night) building that you see in the distance is a couple of roads away and situated on Pavilion Parade.

"Village Benches" :- Shot on Greenways Road in the ancient village of Ovingdean near Brighton on the south coast of England. The benches are situated with their backs to a stone wall that surrounds a field known as "Hog Croft". The small approach road that the benches are facing leads up to the 11th century church of St Wulfran's. Both the village and the church are mentioned in the Domesday Book compiled and written n 1086.

"The Sky Furnace" :- An early morning capture of the sunrise over farmland on the 2nd January 2013. I'd had a restless night after hearing some bad news about my step daughter and ended up getting up early. I'd been fidgeting about for half an hour or so before I decided to grab the camera and go for a chilly walk to start the day. As I got to the top of the hill near where I live mother nature presented before me the most stunning sunrise. It was breathtaking.

All Photography © Justin Hill