Monday, 25 February 2013

A Guide, A Beach and a Reflection

"Air Navigation Beacon" :- High up on a Seaford cliff top in Sussex on the south of England stands this air navigation beacon. It's look like something from the future or an episode of Dr Who. Obviously it's all locked up and gated to stop the public from entering or interfering with it but you can get pretty close and have a good look. I chose to shoot it from a distance as the surrounding greenery seemed to add to the mystery and look of it all.

"Last Light" :- A dark and very brooding moody beachscape on the Sussex coast in England. In the distance and to the right you can just make out part of the city of Brighton as the clouds move in and threaten us all with the chance of a storm.

"Indigo" :- The village pond at Rotingdean (England) captured during the twilight hour. I usually photograph the pond from the opposite side where the cars are parked in this image but on this occasion thought it looked wonderful looking back from the other bank with the houses reflected in the deep blue hues of the water.

All Photography © Justin Hill