Friday, 22 February 2013

Brighton Pub, Elevated Elevator and Solitary Storm

"Seven Stars" :- This is a shot od the "Seven Stars" Pub located n Ship Street, Brighton, UK. Before it was the "Seven Stars" it was an Irish pub called "O'Neills" and way before that it was known as "The Old Vic". Back in the 80's my band "Gamut" performed at "The Old Vic" twice, once on Tuesday 8th September 1987 and then again a year later on Thursday 25th August 1988. Back then it was a rather squalid pub which made it ideal for turning up the volume on the Marshall's and blowing away some of the cobwebs.

"Elevation" :- Here's a capture of the recently restored Victorian "Madeira Lift" on Brighton seafront. The shot was captured from the Victorian built terrace below which is often frequented by "undesirables" at night so I had to be careful and relatively quick to grab the shot I wanted. As you can see it's pitch black down below but the lift itself looks wonderful now that it's illuminated and all lit up at night. The structure is Grade II listed and was opened way back in 1890.

"Breaching the Peace" :- This was a very strange moment that I happened to be in the right place at the right time for. I was on the beach at Ovingdean Gap on the south coast of England photographing the sunset (or at least trying to) when this huge storm cloud floated in on its own from the north and then settled in position over the English Channel. t was fascinating to watch and eerie at the same time as it conjured up thoughts of "Mother Ships" and malevolent entities. Anyway I survived to tell the tale and made my way back home (but not before I'd checked my watch to make sure there wasn't any "missing time".

All Photography © Justin Hill