Tuesday, 5 February 2013

City Coastline, Defense and Kipling

"Moon over Kemptown" :- This image of Kemptown (part of Brighton, England) was captured just over a year ago (Feb 2nd 2012) and has been patiently waiting on file to be uploaded. Today was its day. It shows the seafront and promenade stretching from the Pier (where this shot was taken from) towards the East and Brighton Marina (on the far right just out of shot). Architecturally the front is a mixture of Georgian, Regency, Victorian and 20th century buildings. It's a fascinating area to wander around and explore.

"Against the Wall" :- A very simple but effective image. This is a close up of the sea wall taken from the pebble strewn beach at Ovingdean Gap on the south coast of England. The wall serves not only to protect the coastline but is also part of the undercliff walk that stretches for miles along the base of the cliffs. I liked the "mirror image" quality of this capture.

"The Green Tree" :- A tree on the village green in Rottingdean (England) is caught in the late afternoon sunlight. The scene is far more interesting if I tell you a little about what is in the background. On the far right of the image you can just see a blue plate embedded in the wall and it reads:- _"HERE LIVED 1897 - 1903 RUDYARD KIPLING 1865 -1936 Placed Here By The Kipling Society"_ . So the garden wall in this image at the back was Kipling's garden wall. Kipling's Aunt Georgiana was married to the great Pre-Raphaelite artist Sir Edward Burne-Jones and they too lived in the village, just a short distance from Kipling's house. You can read more here :- Kipling In Rottingdean

All Photography © Justin Hill