Sunday, 3 February 2013

Cold Front, Geometric Faith and an Ancient Portal

"Admission Free" :- Captured yesterday (Feb 2nd 2013) afternoon on a very cold & chilly Brighton beach on the south coast of England. I decided to go into town for a while and ended up walking along the lower promenade grabbing images as I went along. After an hour I could no longer feel my fingers and they looked an odd blue/purple shade which I understood was a sign to stop, go home and warm up. This is an image of the hut advertising the "Brighton Fishing Museum" underneath is clearly states "Admission Free".

"Vaulted" :- This an interior shot of the Grade II listed *Saint Joseph's Roman Catholic Church* that's situated at the bottom of the beautifully named "Elm Grove" in *Brighton*, England. I'd never been inside before as the church always seemed to be locked shut but on this one occasion the doors were open so I grabbed my chance I went inside for a look around. It's not a very big church at all but it is reasonably tall and very thin which creates a "Tardis" like feeling once you get inside. The first stage of this Victorian Gothic church was opened in May 1879.

"The Green Door" :- This is a capture of an old Victorian door and archway that can be found tucked around the back of Stanmer Park on the outskirts of Brighton on the south coast of England. This is where Brighton Council's "Parks and Gardens" department is housed. Stanmer Park is ancient and is the largest open park within the Brighton area. Stanmer Manor House (within the park) was built in 1722 around an even earlier one! Stanmer gets its name from "Stony Mere" which refers to the stones around the village pond.

All Photography © Justin Hill