Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Dappled Nature, Bland Architecture and a Jetty

"Who Goes There" :- This was captured way back in May 2012 within a large copse of trees located near the village of Falmer in Sussex, England. The sunlight was trying its best to stream through the canopy of the trees and was leaving bright little patches of light on everything. It was a wonderfully hot day.

"Superstore" :- This is part of the exterior of the superstore at Brighton Marina. It's a slab like structure that's not much to look and is not very pleasing to the eye. It serves its purpose and that's that. Inside it's a cavernous warehouse like space filled with goods, products and shoppers. This is just about the one and only angle that I could find that looked interesting enough to capture.

"Water Tours" :- This was shot yesterday afternoon (11th Feb 2013) within a cold and miserable Brighton Marina on the south coast of England. The marina is huge, in fact it's the UK's largest marina as well as being the largest Marina complex in Europe. So it felt rather strange to be wandering about the place without seeing many people. It was empty due to the freezing cold weather. Having said that I was happy as that meant I could freely wander about the place without anyone getting in the way of the camera.

All Photography © Justin Hill