Saturday, 16 February 2013

Dark Figure, Grey Day Out and Beacon Mill

"The Man in Black" :- This was captured from the small road and footbridge that leads from Brighton Station on the south coast of England. To the right of the image you can see the ornate iron work of the Victorian station, to the left and out of shot is the top of Queen's Road that leads down to West Street and then down to the seafront and the sea. The crossroads (right of center by the Grand Central Bar) are where Guildford Rd, Trafalgar St, Terminus Rd and Surrey St all meet.

"Fair Folly" :- Shot & captured from within Brighton Marina (England), this is the beer garden & seating area by "The Master Mariner" bar & restaurant. I had the place to myself as it was bitterly cold and as you can see by the sky it was also threatening to rain for my entire time there.

"Last Light" :- Beacon Mill is a subject that I return to time and time again. The mill stands on Beacon Hill overlooking the English Channel and is very close to where I live on the south coast of England. She stopped turning a long long time ago and her interior was removed so that an iron skeleton could be erected inside to help her keep standing due to her age. She's become a very well known and respected landmark.

All Photography © Justin Hill