Monday, 4 February 2013

Dark Reflections, Fact Not Fiction and Calm

"Puddle Prom" :- Here's a great moody image of Brighton's Promenade and the remains of the West Pier on the south coast of England. I was driving along the seafront road on Saturday (Feb 2nd 2013) trying desperately to turn around in gridlocked traffic so that I could park when I spotted this large puddle from the car. When I eventually parked the car the first thing I did was head back down to the front and the large pool of water that had formed due to the recent heavy rain.

"Marine Gate Pumping Station" :- Like the title says this is the Marine Gate Pumping Station situated on Marine Drive at Roedean, Brighton, England. The pumping station shaft has a 17 metre (56feet) diameter and is (approx) 46 metres (151feet) deep, and a second shaft has a six-metre (20 feet) diameter and is 25 metres (82 feet) deep. It's been constructed over the last year or so and at first (along with many others) I really didn't like it at all but I have to admit it's design has grown on me and I now love the look of it. It reminds me of something you'd see in an episode of "Dr Who" or some Sci-Fi epic.

"Plain Water" - A relatively calm sea warns us of the mist that's rolling in from the horizon. Within an hour or so the visibility will be down to 25% and everything will look clouded. I like the still feel of this image and the subdued tones throughout. It has a surreal quality to it.

All Photography © Justin Hill