Saturday, 2 February 2013

Darkened Brighton, Marble and an Apt Name

"Finalé" :- Captured on Brighton seafront (on the south coast of England) during sunset late August 2012. I'd gone for a walk on Brighton's famous pier just as the sun was beginning to dip down and hide behind the skyline. The elevation of the pier allowed me to get a good angle of the beach. You can also see the skeletal remains of the old Victorian West Pier silhouetted against the clear evening sky.

"Chattri Pillar Detail" :- According to Wikipedia _"The Chattri is a war memorial in the English city of Brighton and Hove. It is situated in an extremely isolated position 500 feet (150 m) above the city on the South Downs above the suburb of Patcham, and is accessible only by bridleway. It stands on the site where a number of Indian soldiers who fought for the British Empire were cremated during the First World War. The structure has Grade II listed status, reflecting its architectural and historic importance."_ The Chattri

This image was captured from within the Chattri memorial looking north towards the farmland above the city of Brighton. I'd parked the car and it had then taken me approx 30 minutes to walk over the fields (one had many bulls in it) to the site of the monument. It is extremely remote. I'm pleased I made the effort to pay my respects.

"Orange Row" :- Not a clever title at all as the actual name of this little side road in Brighton, England is "Orange Row". It's a very mundane road with very little to see but I liked the way it was a mass of colors. The glow of the street lights matched the name of the road which made me smile so I grabbed the image before heading off towards more picturesque things to aim the camera at.

All Photography © Justin Hill