Friday, 15 February 2013

Estuary View, Dark Beach and Big Top

"The Green Green Grass of Home" :- Here's an image looking North of the estuary at Cuckmere in Sussex, England. It was taken from high up on the cliff top with the English Channel well below and behind me. Starting from the left hand side in the distance you can see the mighty sprawling Friston Forest running across the horizon to the far right.

"The Expanse" :- Here's a bleak, moody and mysterious shot of the remains of the West Pier (far right), Brighton beach (on the south coast of England) and the English Channel. The sun had given up trying to stay up late and was preparing to retire for the day just as a set of dark storm clouds drifted into position threatening to ruin a perfect evening.

"Ticket Office" :- Back in May 2012 the "Moscow State Circus" came to town and set up camp in Preston Park on the edge of Brighton (England). I had a wander around and spotted a few riggers pulling on ropes and adding final touches and safety measures to the big top. I was hoping to see a few of the performers practicing outside in the sun but there wasn't a juggler, acrobat or clown to be found.

All Photography © Justin Hill