Friday, 1 February 2013

Experimentation, Experimentation and Experimentation

"Orange and Blue" :- To be perfectly honest this shot was an experiment and one that didn't really work 100% but I still love the image so have decided to post it anyway for all to see. It was shot back in the beginning of November (2012) late at night on Brighton seafront (England). The neon blue lights are illuminating the walkway that runs underneath Brighton's latest tourist attraction the "Brighton Wheel". It had been raining and the light was reflecting off the rain that had spattered down below onto the concrete. The blue made a wonderful contrast to the Pier in the background which was bathed in an orange glow from the street lights along the promenade. It's a very grainy image when viewed big but I quite like like that. Experiments are all about failures and successes , we learn by both and move forward. I think this image has a foot in both camps.

"No Entry" :- Another experiment and probably one of the simplest images I have ever captured. I was walking through town on my way to the seafront and literally snapped this image as went past (hence the angle) Something made me take it, I have no idea what or why but the angle was spot on and a little "arty". Simple as that.

"Cowpeas" :- Another different shot from me. These are cowpeas drying out on a tray in the hot Thailand sun. My mother in law had brought them out from the house and put them in the front yard. Me being me thought it would be good to grab a shot of them before they were soaked in water and cooked up.

All Photography © Justin Hill