Tuesday, 26 February 2013

High & Mighty, Civic Building and Memories

"Here Be Giants" :- An image of some mighty trees, not in a forest, wood or jungle setting but situated at the back of Brighton's huge and sprawling Stanmer Park on the outskirts of the city on the south coast of England. The park itself is ancient, within it's grounds there's Stanmer Village, Stanmer Church and Stanmer House (built in 1722). For me though the best part of the park are it's huge trees that reach out in all directions.

"Town Hall" :- The Town Hall in Bartholomew Square, Brighton (England). It was designed by the architect Benjamin A. Muncil and was built in 1914. In the basement you can find the "Old Police Cells Museum" for Sussex Police and on the ground floor there's the Register Office of Births, Deaths & Marriages.

"View from Wish Tower" - This is a view of the seaside resort of Eastbourne on England's south coast. This is the town where I studied at Art College back in the early 80's, it's where I discovered my love of beer and also where quite a few of my electric guitars were bought from. I don't go there very often now but when I do get the chance to visit the place it still holds some wonderful memories for me. In this shot you can clearly see Eastbourne Pier (first opened to the public on 13th June 1870) and the coastline curving off towards Hastings to the East.

All Photography © Justin Hill