Sunday, 24 February 2013

High & Mighty, End Shot and Fade Away

"Towards the Gallery" :- An interior shot of the mighty St Bartholomew's Church (built in 1874) in Brighton, England. This is looking south towards the entrance / exit with the Byzantine style Badlachino (canopy) just behind me. The church has the distinction of being the tallest parish church in Britain (and possibly Europe) at 135 ft. St Bartholomew's is "a masterpiece of brickwork" and now a Grade I listed building.

"Shadow Rails" :- A view of Brighton seafront from the end of it's famous Victorian Pier taken approx 14:10 pm one year ago on the 2nd February 2012. The afternoon sun was blazing away and casting some wonderful shadows on the decking as it blasted through the ornate cast iron railings. The air was still very cold and from what i remember the wind was adding drastically to the chill factor.

"The Sky's the Limit" :- This one's for the memory of my little girl "Kaem" who I loved with all my heart . Captured from the top of Mount Pleasant which is a hill and farmland that lays between Woodingdean and Ovingdean in Sussex, England. In the distance on the far right you can just see some of the road lighting by the racehill. The night tries to devour the day but not before twilight puts on a show and dance for us with the fading sun as it's partner.

All Photography © Justin Hill