Monday, 18 February 2013

Mirrored Marina, Hazy Days and Stark Light

"To Let" :- Captured along one of the boardwalks in Brighton Marina (England). The empty office structure sits patiently with a "To Let" sign in the window whilst its vast glass frontage reflects the moored boats and a passing gull (capturing the gull in the shot was pure luck). Once again I had to calmly wait as each time I was about to grab the shot someone would get in the way or appear from nowhere. Patience is a virtue...especially if you are a photographer!

"Hove Lawns" :- Brighton & Hove (on the south coast of England) found themselves to be the in the middle of an unexpected heatwave at the end of July 2012. The place came alive as locals and tourists all hit the promenades & seafront to soaked up the sun and it's rare rays. This is a capture of Hove lawns during that heatwave. To the far left there's the English channel and stretching from the far right off into the haze and vanishing point there's the wonderful architecture left from the days of the Georgian, Regency and Victorian periods.

"Harsh" :- I love breaking rules and that goes for the rules of photography too. I remember years ago being told at art college never to shoot into the sun, it was one of "those rules" that was forever being drummed into us. If you look through my images you'll see that shooting into the sun is something that I do a lot and it's not an easy rule to break in England as it's very rare that we get to see the sun at all! Anyway, this image was shot down on the undercliff walk ( a wide footpath trapped between the bottom of the cliffs and the English channel) between the villages of Ovingdean and Rottingdean. I love the stark, harsh lines and edges against the soft cloudy sky and get a kick out of seeing how the sunlight tries its hardest to visually soften bits up.

All Photography © Justin Hill