Sunday, 17 February 2013

Redundant, Reflected and Relaxed

"Stanmer Church Entrance" :- This is the main entrance and door of the now redundant (The Diocese of Chichester declared the church redundant from 29 December 2008) Stanmer Church in Stanmer Village within the vast Stanmer Park, Brighton, England. The Church is listed as a Grade II building and is (apparently) still opened to visitors by Stanmer Preservation Society every Sunday. As you can see the architecture and body off the church is very tall and thin. Maybe one of these days I'll get the chance to take a look inside.

"Front Wheel" :- A very rare shot and capture of the Brighton Wheel on the south coast of England. Usually the beach is a mass of pebbles and stones but at the end of August 2012 we were treated to an unusually low tide which revealed that Brighton did in fact have some sand. I'd been down on the sand photographing the pier which looked as if it was in shock as it suddenly found itself exposed to all with it's spindly legs on show with no sea water to hide its dignity. It was when I turned to walk back up that I saw this wonderful reflection of the wheel and seafront.

"Let Sleeping Sheep Lie" :- I know I shouldn't say so myself but I do love this image. I'd been wandering about the fields and hills that surround the River Cuckmere (in Sussex, England) when I spotted these three sheep all having a rest and sleep. I instantly went into stealth mode so I could get as near as possible without startling them, set up the camera and got the shot. I love the angles, colors and feel of it all. It almost looks like a studio set and shot but I assure you it's not ... it's 100% natural.

All Photography © Justin Hill