Monday, 11 February 2013

Reflective Beach, Moody Front and Distant City

"Shimmer" :- The beach at Cuckmere Haven on the south coast of England. The cliffs thunder off West towards the town of Seaford and on toward Newhaven. Behind me the famous "Seven Sisters" rise up and head of East towards Eastbourne and form the terrifyingly high "Beachy Head".

"Modern Street Light" :- This was captured on a very wet and windy night along Madeira Drive on Brighton's seafront (England). By the day it's a vibrant part of the city, full of tourists and day trippers. The famous Victorian Volk's Railway runs along the route during the summer months shuttling passengers between the Pier and the Marina. However, by night it's a bleak and barren place to find yourself in, open to the elements and devoid of people.

"Best of Both Worlds" :- A very intersting and different view of the city of Brighton (England) and the surrounding downs. This was captured near the Chattri Monument (dedicated to the Indian soldiers that lost their lives fighting for Britain in WWI) looking South towards the distant coast. The fields and downs in the foreground stretch off to meet the vast and sprawling city that hugs to the edge of England.

All Photography © Justin Hill