Saturday, 23 February 2013

Restaurant, Bench and Thoughts

"The Chilli Pickle" :- The Chilli Pickle is located in Jubilee Street in the city of Brighton, England. This entire area was redeveloped several years ago and what was once a squalid and run down part of the city has been turned into a thriving, bustling and cosmopolitan area. The Indian restaurant is in a space and part of "myhotel".

"Seated at the Top" :- This bench can be found on the cliff top between Rottingdean and Saltdean on the south coast of England. It overlooks the English Channel and when it's not windy or being lashed with rain the views are wonderful out over the sea. There's a coast road that runs along the entire length of the cliffs toward Brighton and the cliffs are slowly eroding away so at some point in the future I am guessing that this will be open air with a large drop below. As you can see the space between the bench and the cliff edge is not that great.

"Breaking Dawn" :- This shot is for the memory of my little girl. Captured very early one morning on the 2nd January 2013 up on the farmland near my house in southern England. An awe inspiring sunrise that conjured up thoughts of the cosmos, our universe, our wonderful planet and heaven and hell.

We are all lucky to be on this planet, we have one chance and one chance only. All life is sacred irrespective of color, race & creed. We should embrace it and each other, put down the weapons, the hatred, the ridicule, the jealousy and our differences and live as a unified human race. We are destroying ourselves and the planet that we live on and we have the audacity to call ourselves intelligent.

All Photography © Justin Hill