Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Reverential History, Seven Sisters and Boats

"612-150-138-468" :- This is the interior of St Mary & St Peter's Church in the ancient village of Wilmington in East Sussex. According to the Domesday Book (written in 1086) the church was founded about A.D. 1000 to serve the Saxon settlement of Wineltone (Wilmington). Most of what you can see in this image dates from the 12th century, the church is a Grade I listed building. It was eerily silent inside and you could almost feel the history and age of the place just by standing in the middle.

"View From The Top" :- This is a view from the cliff top at Seaford of the famous "Seven Sisters" cliff face at Cuckmere Haven on the south coast of England. The chalk rises up out of the ground in an instant and thunders off East along the coastline to eventually form "Beachy Head" which is the highest cliff face in Britain. This view has been photographed thousands of times by thousands of photographers but they usually make sure the coastguard houses on the edge of the cliff are in shot. I thought it would be different to climb higher and have them below the horizon of the land so that nothing man made was in the shot at all.

"Motionless" :- The masts of the boats and their reflections reminded me of a spiky sound wave, the sort that you'd see captured on recording equipment. However it was the only wave that was (sort of) visible as the sea water within Brighton Marina (England) was still and calm. The boats had very little movement at their berths, just a slight rocking or gentle sideways motion but that was all. I'd come down one of the ramps and onto a lower jetty to try and get as low down a shot as possible without getting the camera wet! I loved the look of the wide strip of water between the boats.

All Photography © Justin Hill