Thursday, 14 February 2013

Silhouetted Love, Grand Ocean and Steps

"Share the Moment" :- An image just right for posting today on Valentine's Day. A couple sit side by side and close together on a bench on Brighton's historical promenade (England). They are overlooking the English Channel and watching the sun dip slowly in the late afternoon sky. It's a scene full of tranquility and love.

"Living in the Past" :- This is the GRAND OCEAN in Saltdean on the south coast of England. . It was fairly recently renovated and is now divided up into many private apartments. It has a fascinating history. Originally designed by Richard Jones the "Ocean Hotel" opened it's doors in 1938. Once it was known as 'the honeymoon hotel' and its gardens were designed to echo the bows of the Queen Mary. During WWII it was taken over by the Auxiliary Fire Service and later became a fire service college. In 1952 it was signed over to Billy Butlin and it became the flagship for the Butlin's holiday camp chain. The building is now Grade II listed.

When I look at this magnificent structure I can't help but think of the hotel in "The Shining". "Jack Torrance" sits on his own at an Art Deco bar within the hotel and is then suddenly surrounded by figures and people from the 30's. For me the "Grand Ocean" seems to exude the feeling that many of those who frequented the establishment over the decades are still somehow there. The building has not changed at all, it's like having a time machine and being able to take a glimpse into the past.

"Uniquely Brighton" :- Here's another shot of Brighton's Victorian promenade on the south coast of England. The entire Victorian age seemed to be dictated (and constructed) by it's love of bricks and iron. The two are everywhere you look in Brighton and are especially notable along its seafront with the famous turquoise painted railings, large brickwork bastion supported steps and it's one and a half piers.

All Photography © Justin Hill