Friday, 8 February 2013

Stormy Weather, Timeless Shot and a Mausoleum

"Not In The Mood" :- Little black clouds start to invade the coast and announce the approaching storm. The sun still attempts to fight through creating an unusual light over everything. The sea looks cold and very unwelcoming.

"Collingwood House" :- This is "Collingwood House" on the corner of Marine Square and Marine Parade in the coastal city of Brighton , England. I don't know much about the building at all but am guessing that it was built between 1823-5 which was when Marine Square was built for Thomas Attree. This moody night time shot appears timeless as it may well have been captured in the 1800's but it wasn' was taken a few days ago on Feb 4th 2013.

"Proud Cabaret" :- An exterior of the "Proud Cabaret" in St George's Road, Brighton, England. The history of the building is very interesting. It started off life as the "Sassoon Mausoleum" and was built in 1892 as a wing of the family home of Sir Albert Sassoon located at 1 Eastern Terrace. It then became the resting place and grave of Sir Albert Sassoon and other members of his family. Since then it's been a furniture depository, air raid shelter, a bar / pub, a night club and is now the "Proud Cabaret Brighton". It's full history as well as information about it's architecture can be found here :- Sassoon Mausoleum

All Photography © Justin Hill