Thursday, 7 February 2013

Victorian Elevator, Café Steps and Rivers of Color

"The Madeira Lift" :- Here's a shot of the recently restored "Madeira Lift" on Brighton seafront (south coast of England). The structure is a Grade II listed Victorian lift that was opened way back in 1890. The lift was originally powered by hydraulics which lowered (or raised) visitors to (or from) a large and very ornate shelter which is now a live music venue called the "Concorde 2". Here's a link to a blog that I discovered today whilst trying to find out information about the lift that shows the lift in it's heyday (early 1900's) and also just how beautiful and clean the lower esplanade actually was before it was built up :- The Madeira Lift

"Breakfast Special" :- These are steps located on the seafront in Saltdean on the south coast of England. They lead up to a beach café called "Whitecliffs" which is why you can just see a board at the top of the stairs advertising a "Breakfast Special" for £5.

"Blue Water" :- This is a view across the River Cuckmere looking towards some of the wonderful scenery that there is to find within the county of Sussex in England. The estuary is a superb place to explore and walk around and at the far end as it opens out to sea the cliffs thunder up out of the ground and at a tremendous rate making you feel very insignificant!

All Photography © Justin Hill