Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Water Log, Thin Ice and 400 Years of Lessons

"Driftwood" :- The late afternoon sun catches a log thrown onto the sands by the incoming tide. The reddish brown hues of the sand glisten in the light before they are swallowed up once again by the sea. This was captured on the beach near my home on the south coast of England.

"Frozen Pond" :- Captured at the beginning of December 2012 in the historical village of Rottingdean (near the city of Brighton, England). The cold weather had arrived and temperatures were dropping faster than you could put layers of clothing on. The village pond had frozen over completely mirroring one of the village inns and the surrounding houses.

"Brotherhood Hall" :- This is a view along Church Street in the village of Steyning situated in the county of Sussex in England. The black and white ancient building situated on the right hand side is "Brotherhood Hall" (originally known as the Guild Hall of the Fraternity of the Holy Trinity). This building was a school for over 400 years as it's use as a school can be traced back as far as 1584! timber-framed The structure is a 15th century construction and you can read more about it here :- Brotherhood Hall

All Photography © Justin Hill