Sunday, 10 February 2013

Weathered Breakwater, Brighton Pier and St Laurence's

"Relieved of Warmth" :- A moody & late afternoon / early evening on the beach at Ovingdean Gap near Brighton on the south coast of England. The old breakwaters sit battered and torn to bits by the constant battering of the sea over the decades. The low tide reveals the rocks, seaweed and life sustaining pools and as the sun dips down it highlights the coming storm.

"Tourist Attraction" :- Brighton Pier has stood it's ground for over 100 years. It originally started off life as the "Chain Pier" in 1823 but many storms destroyed parts of it and in 1889 it was bought out, destroyed and built from scratch on the same site. The "New" pier was opened on 20th May 1899. The pier was listed at Grade II on 20 August 1971 and was at one point voted the top 10 UK visitor attraction. This is the entrance to its ornate amusement arcade.

"Falmer Fowl" :- This is a view of the Church of Saint Laurence's in the ancient village of Falmer in Sussex. The Church is situated overlooking the village pond so you often find various ducks, geese and birds waddling about on the road. It's a very peaceful little village and steeped in history but then again it's hard to go anywhere within Sussex without stumbling over something of historical importance as the Normans seemed to take to the place (along with the rest of Britain) after 1066 and made it their own.

All Photography © Justin Hill