Sunday, 31 March 2013

Black Shore, Dark Door and Strong Message

"Dark Matter" :- Not an easy shot to get as I had to traverse the slippery seaweed encrusted rocks in order to get into the position I required for the capture. This is the beach at Cuckmere Haven and the thundering chalk face you see is part of the famous "Seven Sisters" cliff face on the south coast of England. The entire scene is an eerie alien landscape covered in black weed.

"Wooden Door " :- An old wooden door in a corner of Saint Paul’s church in the city of Brighton (England). At the time of photographing it I had no idea what was behind it but since capturing the image I have been inside the room on the other side. It has very thick walls, a vast high ceiling and a huge stone fireplace (big enough to walk into), I don't know what it's main purpose is for but I do know it's used for music practice on the odd occasion.

"You Give Them Power... " :- Over the last decade or so street art transformed from simply tagging things or writing a word in big fat fancy letters to thought provoking messages with powerful artwork accompanying them. This particular work was discovered in Trafalgar Lane that runs between Gloucester Road and Trafalgar Street in Brighton (England). What attracted me to it was the fact that the red and green ivy at the top and the brown scrub grass at the bottom seem to complement the message and art and have also become part of it.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Novelty Templates

When I awoke this morn I discovered an email notifying me that I have sold one of these today. That in turn reminded me that I ought to shout out about them a little as they were designed many years ago and I myself tend to forget about them. So what you see here is my collection of Novelty Template cards. You can stick your own images behind the transparent sections on line (e.g be on TV or the big screen etc) and create a unique and personal card for your friends and family...

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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Former Supper Room, Looks Like Winter and No Show

"Pavilion Theatre" :- This is the Pavilion Theatre located in New Road, Brighton, England. It forms part of the Brighton Dome complex and was built in 1935. It's original purpose was as a supper room (a dining establishment that also functions as a social club) but it was later later turned into a theatre. Its has a capacity of 232 seated or 350 standing. On Wednesday 14th December 1988 I played in this venue with my band "Gamut" (supported by "Hammer"), it was a night I will always remember as it was jam packed and a friend of ours got carried away with the smoke machine!

"Full Stretch" :- Hard to believe it's nearly April. This image was captured a few days ago up on the farmland in our village on the south coast of England. It looked like the middle of winter and it was bitterly cold as the chilled wind blew through the bare trees. The sky was overcast and grey and everything had a very bleak feel to it.

"Yellow Dot" :- This is the little stretch of beach that I am forever visiting as it's relatively near to where I live. I'd got there early in anticipation of a marvelous sunset as the sky had been clear all day and the atmospherics seemed perfect. So I set up and waited. The temperature started to drop so I tucked myself in behind a few giant rocks and boulders on the beach to help shield from the wind. I waited some more. It was wonderfully peaceful as I sat there watching the sun make its mind up if it should go or not. I glanced at my watch and grabbed a few images in anticipation of the forthcoming show that mother nature was about to put on. Then the sun dipped and dropped behind the horizon and...nothing happened. That was it. A few pastel shades remained in the sky for five minutes and then the darkness began to take a hold. No show, no spectacle, nothing. I was pleased I'd shot a few while I was waiting ... this image was one of them.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Friday, 29 March 2013

Colorful Beach, Static Mill and Grey Seas

"Red Beach" :- Shot early evening back in November 2012 from the upper level of the main promenade in Brighton (England). The sun was saying it's last farewell for the day and some of the bars and clubs on the lower / beach level were powering up and switching on their lights which were scattering various hues and colors on the pebbles. The ruins of the West Pier silently observe the proceedings.

"Ceased Turning" :- Beacon Mill stands just at the side of a "pitch and putt" mini golf course near the historical village of Rottingdean on the south coast of England. She was built in 1802 as a corn mill and she worked right up until 1881. They were even considering demolishing her in 1890. She's now very well looked after and has become a famous landmark along the south coast. She's a subject that I have photographed many times and I am sure I will continue doing so.

"Stone, Wood & Water" :- I love the grey / blue tones of this image. No other color seemed to get a look in as the weather was on the turn and the skies were beginning to get heavy as the storm moved in over the English Channel. The beach isn't too far from where I live and I never get bored of visiting it as it changes constantly and there's always something or other to point the camera at as long as you have your eyes open.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Thursday, 28 March 2013

A 30's Flight, the Channel and Split Level City

"Halfway Up the Stairs is a Stair Where I Sit" :- A set of stairs built in the 1930's. These can be found in the Saltdean "Lido" (opposite the library) on the south coast of England. The entire complex was designed by architect Richard Jones in 1938.

"Chilled to the Bone" :- Because it was so cold during the afternoon that I captured this shot everything had a crystal clear clarity to it. The sun was misted over a little too which created a different sort of light which picked out pebbles on the beach and cast small shadows. Because of the mist rolling in the sea was extremely calm and devoid of waves.

"The Front Line" :- One of Brighton's old iron Victorian street lamps stands down on the lower promenade painted in the famous turquoise color that Brighton (UK) has become known for. The huge building on the upper level to the right of the image is the "Queens Hotel" and the shaded lower building that can just be seen on the far left is the "Thistle™ Brighton Hotel". In the old arches on the lower promenade various little souvenir and art shops have sprung up over the last few years giving a new lease of life to an area that used to be empty and run down.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Music From A Darkened Bedroom - "The Spiral"

A track that's been 20 years in the making. "The Spiral" started off life as a guitar piece circa 1993 and was eventually shelved as various bands folded along the way. Recently resurrected and revived the guitar part has been lovingly transferred to piano and the entire track sequenced throughout from scratch during May 2013. So here's "The Spiral" ...

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Last Cry Perform 'Virtual Fix'

Well, there's a surprise. Some fine chums of mine are in a band called "The Last Cry" and they've just been filmed performing for the pilot episode of "The Gas Music Show" that's in the process of being putt together for future broadcast. Anyway, here's their performance...


Bright Tunnel, Natural Sine Wave and Lights

"White Walled" :- This image was captured back in May 2012 during the renovation of the Ovingdean pedestrian subway that runs underneath the main coast road to Brighton (England). It used to look very drab and run down and was long overdue a lick of paint and a bit of maintenance. Since this shot they have placed photographs of local wildlife along it's walls and have also painted the floor green.

"Farmland" :- I stopped to grab an image of this rolling farmland because I loved the gentle "sine wave" that the horizon seemed to create and produce. Nature is full of science and science is full of nature. Fractals appear in most things somewhere, we didn't invent them, we merely discovered them and different wave forms and patterns can be seen on a daily basis too. Look up at the clouds and you'll see waves, the wind would look the same if you could see it. Have a look at a snow drift or sand dune and you'll see the patterns wind leaves behind. It all fascinates me.

"Bay Windows" :- These are the huge bay windows on the end of Victory House in Trafalgar Place, Brighton, England. Not much to look at during the daylight hours but once the darkness settles in for the night and the illuminations are switched on they make a fascinating subject to capture. The outside spotlights make the brickwork look rich and golden and throw up some interesting shadows on the architecture.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Pedal Power, Lopped and Taking a Break

"The Bike Rack" :- Tucked around the side of the main entrance to Hove Train Station (England) there's a myriad of bicycles of different shapes, sizes and colors patiently waiting for their owners to return. I liked the look of it so set up to take the shot and was wondering why someone was watching me (very closely) as I captured the image. The moment I finished he wandered up (still staring at me) and unlocked his bike and rode off into the distance. I don't think he liked to be kept waiting but I appreciate him not wanting to get into my shot!

"Trunk" :- A cold and frosty mid morning walk along one of the nature trails within Stanmer Park (near the city of Brighton, England) offered up this view as I looked North East. The shadow and light play on the large lopped tree fascinated me and it was obvious when processing that a monochrome approach would suit the image best.

"Gulls on a Groyne" :- It wasn't easy creeping up on this feathered lot resting on the groyne (breakwater) without making them all fly off in an instant. I decided not to go for the zoom option (no idea why) and employed stealth in my pursuit of a getting a shot. Once I got into position the rest seemed to fall into place as Gulls are a nonchalant lot, especially when down on the beach. On the far right of the image you can see the end of Brighton Pier.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Monday, 25 March 2013

High Abode, Mazda Electric and City of Gold

"Life at the Top" :- This is Friars Bay beach located at Peacehaven on the south coast of England. Very tranquil and peaceful when it's calm and sunny but tumultuous and angry when the wind is strong and the waves are waging war against the coast line. If you look up along the line of the cliff top you can just make out the roof of a house. Whoever lives there has a wonderful view looking out over the English Channel but it must be a constant worry not knowing when your front garden or yard is going to disappear overnight and become part of the beach down below. Chalk falls are commonplace along the south coast.

"Iron Fountain" :- The "Mazda Electric Fountain" was donated to Brighton in 1930 by the Thompson-Houston company. It's situated at the Northern end of Victoria Gardens in the center of Brighton (England). It's a few years now since it's worked but I do remember just how wonderful it looked when it was in operation. The fountain runs on two mechanisms (one for the water and one for the multicolored lighting) controlled by a large "Tardis" like box on the pavement.

"El Dorado" :- A rather fanciful and exotic name for such a bland section of 1970's concrete. I chose the name "El Dorado" because the sunlight somehow managed to turn everything into a golden hue transforming it's own alchemy on what normally looks very drab and dull. The "real" El Dorado is of course the legendary "Lost City of Gold", that enthralled explorers since the days of the Spanish Conquistadors. Many have searched over the centuries in vain as no evidence for its existence has ever been found. What you see in this image is in fact the pedestrian walkway that spans between Brighton Marina and Duke's Mound on the seafront and not a Spanish Conquistador anywhere to be seen.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Sunday, 24 March 2013

King's Road Arches, Graphic Church and "Afloat"

"Three Doors" :- A colorful set of doors that form part of the King's Road Arches on the seafront in Brighton, England. Dating back to Victorian times they were mainly used as fishing huts and stores. As the promenade developed over the years the doors seemingly appeared to get more and more "set back" from the sea without ever being moved. These particular doors are close Brighton's famous ruined West Pier.

"Towards the Baldachino" :- Usually when processing and creating images I try to remain as true and "real" to the subject as possible but there is the odd occasion when I feel it's worth pushing for a different look and this was one of those occasions. While "playing around" with this image it dawned on me that I could push it for a more "graphic" approach as the angles, lighting and brickwork seemed to lend itself to that particular style so that's what I did and here it is. This is an interior shot of Saint Barthomlomew's Church in the city of Brighton looking towards the far end where the giant Baldachino sits. The church officially opened its doors to the public on 18th September 1874 and became the first church in Brighton to offer universal free entrance from the date of opening much to the disgust of the clergy who'd been filling their pockets nicely beforehand. The church is 170 feet (51.816 meters) in length, 59 feet (17.983 2 meters) wide and an incredible 135 feet (41.148 meters) to the ridge of the roof. The cross that sit high up on the roof adds another 9 feet (2.743 2 meters) to the total height.

"Eye of the Needle" :- On the end of East Street Groyne (just West of the Brighton Pier) stands a giant bronze 'doughnut'. The sculpture's proper name and title is "Afloat" and it's by the sculptor Hamish Black. It was unveiled in 1998 after Brighton & Hove council commissioned it's creation. ‘Afloat’ is made of 2.2 tons of bronze, 5-6mm thick. As with most sculptures in public places it gets climbed on a lot and has had thousands of tourists taking snaps through it's hole over the years. The day I captured this image I had the place to myself as it was bitterly cold (you can still see patches of snow and ice lying around) so I was able to take my time and put some space between "Afloat" and myself without fear of anyone getting in the way.

All Photography © Justin Hill

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Dated Rock, Coast Road and Moody Sunset

"2006 St Wulfrans" :- The 2006 date on the stone refers to when the stone was put in place and not the date of the church itself. The church is actually 11th Century and is the only all-flint church in the historic county of Sussex, England. St Wulfran's received its Grade I listing on 13 October 1952.

"Street Furniture" :- This was captured on the corner of Chesham Place and Percival Terrace by the coast road of Marine Parade in Brighton, England. It was still chilly and patches of snow could still be seen on the ground there and there. The midday sun was high in the sky over the English Channel and all the street lamps, posts and fences were turned into shadows and silhouettes.

"Smoldering Sea" :- Shot from the top of the cliffs at Ovingdean Gap overlooking the beach and one of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever witnessed. The grey moody clouds came in low over the sea forcing the light to bounce around more than it would normally do as the water caught the golden rays and made them dance on its surface.

All Photography © Justin Hill