Thursday, 28 March 2013

A 30's Flight, the Channel and Split Level City

"Halfway Up the Stairs is a Stair Where I Sit" :- A set of stairs built in the 1930's. These can be found in the Saltdean "Lido" (opposite the library) on the south coast of England. The entire complex was designed by architect Richard Jones in 1938.

"Chilled to the Bone" :- Because it was so cold during the afternoon that I captured this shot everything had a crystal clear clarity to it. The sun was misted over a little too which created a different sort of light which picked out pebbles on the beach and cast small shadows. Because of the mist rolling in the sea was extremely calm and devoid of waves.

"The Front Line" :- One of Brighton's old iron Victorian street lamps stands down on the lower promenade painted in the famous turquoise color that Brighton (UK) has become known for. The huge building on the upper level to the right of the image is the "Queens Hotel" and the shaded lower building that can just be seen on the far left is the "Thistle™ Brighton Hotel". In the old arches on the lower promenade various little souvenir and art shops have sprung up over the last few years giving a new lease of life to an area that used to be empty and run down.

All Photography © Justin Hill