Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Venue, Clanks and Blue Way

"Concorde 2" :- This is a capture of the exterior of the "Concorde 2" live music venue along Madeira Drive on Brighton seafront (England). The venue was relocated many years ago and has since played host to some huge bands which is surprising due to it's small size. Marillion, PIL and even the Foo Fighters have performed here plus many many other big names.

"Mass of Masts" :- "Clank clank clank" The cables bounce off the masts of the moats and create a cacophony of sounds that slowly vanish after a while as you get used to them. This is Brighton Marina, chock full of boats and seaworthy vessels.

"Into the Fire" :- Here's a twilight capture of the undercliff walk that runs between Saltdean and the city of Brighton on the south coast of England. t serves several purposes, the first being it provides a picturesque and traffic free (apart from the odd bicycle) walkway along part of the coast which offers up views over the English Channel. It also acts as a barrier which stops the sea hammering into the cliffs thus preventing rapid erosion and chalk falls, The main coast road is at the top of the cliff face so it's vital that they are protected as much as possible.

All Photography © Justin Hill