Sunday, 10 March 2013

Ancient Portal, Coat of Arms and Harsh light

"Old Doorway" :- The title of this image is a little's not an old doorway, it's an ancient doorway. It's been open and closed by centuries of people as it's situated in the thick wall of St Mary & St Peter's Church in the ancient village of Wilmington in East Sussex. The church itself was founded (circa) A.D. 1000 to serve a Saxon settlement. The grade 1 listed church and structure you see in this capture dates from the 12th Century. Just try to imagine how many people have walked through this door, think of all the different fashions and styles it's witnessed.

"Crest" :- This looks like it ought to have been shot and captured within a housing estate or a rundown backstreet of some city. It wasn't. Believe it or not this is part of a structure that stands on the seafront at Rottingdean (an ancient coastal village) on the south coast of England. I have a feeling (though I am not 100% sure) that the crest of arms lurking within the shadows in the center of the image is the village crest of Rottingdean itself. It's similar to the Brighton & Hove crest of arms but there are some differences.

"Spotlight" :- A heavy sky and a blast of light ripped through a tear in the clouds behind Brighton Pier. The third of a mile long structure (it's 524 metres in length which is 1,719 ft) turned into a shadowy silhouette as the light bounced of the surface of the sea and scattered it's rays in all directions. Apart from me the beach was empty of life as it was bitterly cold but some of the rides on the pier were operating indicating that some were braving the elements at the far end.

All Photography © Justin Hill