Sunday, 31 March 2013

Black Shore, Dark Door and Strong Message

"Dark Matter" :- Not an easy shot to get as I had to traverse the slippery seaweed encrusted rocks in order to get into the position I required for the capture. This is the beach at Cuckmere Haven and the thundering chalk face you see is part of the famous "Seven Sisters" cliff face on the south coast of England. The entire scene is an eerie alien landscape covered in black weed.

"Wooden Door " :- An old wooden door in a corner of Saint Paul’s church in the city of Brighton (England). At the time of photographing it I had no idea what was behind it but since capturing the image I have been inside the room on the other side. It has very thick walls, a vast high ceiling and a huge stone fireplace (big enough to walk into), I don't know what it's main purpose is for but I do know it's used for music practice on the odd occasion.

"You Give Them Power... " :- Over the last decade or so street art transformed from simply tagging things or writing a word in big fat fancy letters to thought provoking messages with powerful artwork accompanying them. This particular work was discovered in Trafalgar Lane that runs between Gloucester Road and Trafalgar Street in Brighton (England). What attracted me to it was the fact that the red and green ivy at the top and the brown scrub grass at the bottom seem to complement the message and art and have also become part of it.

All Photography © Justin Hill