Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bright Tunnel, Natural Sine Wave and Lights

"White Walled" :- This image was captured back in May 2012 during the renovation of the Ovingdean pedestrian subway that runs underneath the main coast road to Brighton (England). It used to look very drab and run down and was long overdue a lick of paint and a bit of maintenance. Since this shot they have placed photographs of local wildlife along it's walls and have also painted the floor green.

"Farmland" :- I stopped to grab an image of this rolling farmland because I loved the gentle "sine wave" that the horizon seemed to create and produce. Nature is full of science and science is full of nature. Fractals appear in most things somewhere, we didn't invent them, we merely discovered them and different wave forms and patterns can be seen on a daily basis too. Look up at the clouds and you'll see waves, the wind would look the same if you could see it. Have a look at a snow drift or sand dune and you'll see the patterns wind leaves behind. It all fascinates me.

"Bay Windows" :- These are the huge bay windows on the end of Victory House in Trafalgar Place, Brighton, England. Not much to look at during the daylight hours but once the darkness settles in for the night and the illuminations are switched on they make a fascinating subject to capture. The outside spotlights make the brickwork look rich and golden and throw up some interesting shadows on the architecture.

All Photography © Justin Hill