Sunday, 3 March 2013

Decay, Old Arches and a Dramatic Seascape

"Heritage" :- I am sad to say that scenes like this are becoming more and more common place now. Shops, stores and buildings lay empty with their shutters down or with grills in place. Paint peeling whilst the wood rots away and the rust leaves a nicotine brown trail aided by gravity. This building is located in "Pool Valley", it's where Brighton's main Coach Station can be found on the south coast of England. So this is either the first thing you see when arriving in Brighton by coach or the last thing you see when leaving the city by bus. Either way it's not the most attractive thing about the city to have stuck in your mind.

"Flint Light" :- This is an exterior image of the southern wall of St Wulfran's, an 11th Century Church in the village of Ovingdean, England. The afternoon sun was being scattered by the Yew tree that provides shade for the entrance to the church and the light that made it through was dancing on the ancient stonework. It fascinates me just how much the architecture of the structures change over the centuries. In the middle of the image there's a large stone window that looks very old. But the window itself cannot be too old as the section it's within looks "new" compared the the rest of the wall. You can clearly see the stone archway that used to be there. Was it another entrance? On the right of the image on the wall that's in shadow you can make out another archway that's been blocked up at some point (possibly a door?). It does make you wonder what it all looked like originally.

"Power and the Glory" :- Yesterday I decided to get out for a while and walk into the city from the village. Naturally I took the camera along as it would have been silly to leave it at home. One hour later I was on the eastern stretch of the promenade looking at the grey sky, grey horizon and gun metal sea. I carried on walking towards the main part of the city and an hour or so later found myself out near the remains of the West Pier. As I got there the clouds split just enough to let the light pour through, I eagerly ran down to the waters edge and grabbed the shot before the gap closed up again. Yesterday evening it was processed and this morning I cleaned it up a tad and added various other touches to it. I have to admit I am very pleased with this dramatic and cold looking seascape.

All Photography © Justin Hill