Saturday, 9 March 2013

Don't Walk, Engineered Island and Damps Undulations

"Red Man" :- Not much to tell about this shot really. The crossing is situated on the corner of New England Street and Fleet Street in the city of Brighton, England. The roads were devoid of traffic and the pavements / sidewalks were deserted too. No signs of life to be seen anywhere...just this little red man standing patiently waiting for someone to press the button so he could turn green and start walking.

"Grade One" :- A stark and bleak image and capture of Brighton & Hove's once grand Victorian West Pier. I remember walking along her decks in the early 70's, standing on the end behind the beautiful theatre watching the fishermen cast their lines into the silver / grey waters. Then the storm damage hit her bad and she was left to slowly rot and decline as each year took its toll on her fine frame. Then the biggest tragedy of all, she caught fire (under mysterious circumstances) and all that remains today is her fine iron frame sitting out to sea like an engineered island. Hard to believe she was the only Grade One listed pier in Britain, the finest in the land.

"Ripples" :- Captured back in the beginning of December 2012 at Rottingdean Beach on the south coast of England. A sultry sunset burned slow as it sunk into the horizon picking out the best bits of the sky on it's journey down. Just at the right moment the light also picked out all the undulations and contours of the sand on the beach and the colors of the evening sky bounced off the wet bits!

All Photography © Justin Hill