Saturday, 30 March 2013

Former Supper Room, Looks Like Winter and No Show

"Pavilion Theatre" :- This is the Pavilion Theatre located in New Road, Brighton, England. It forms part of the Brighton Dome complex and was built in 1935. It's original purpose was as a supper room (a dining establishment that also functions as a social club) but it was later later turned into a theatre. Its has a capacity of 232 seated or 350 standing. On Wednesday 14th December 1988 I played in this venue with my band "Gamut" (supported by "Hammer"), it was a night I will always remember as it was jam packed and a friend of ours got carried away with the smoke machine!

"Full Stretch" :- Hard to believe it's nearly April. This image was captured a few days ago up on the farmland in our village on the south coast of England. It looked like the middle of winter and it was bitterly cold as the chilled wind blew through the bare trees. The sky was overcast and grey and everything had a very bleak feel to it.

"Yellow Dot" :- This is the little stretch of beach that I am forever visiting as it's relatively near to where I live. I'd got there early in anticipation of a marvelous sunset as the sky had been clear all day and the atmospherics seemed perfect. So I set up and waited. The temperature started to drop so I tucked myself in behind a few giant rocks and boulders on the beach to help shield from the wind. I waited some more. It was wonderfully peaceful as I sat there watching the sun make its mind up if it should go or not. I glanced at my watch and grabbed a few images in anticipation of the forthcoming show that mother nature was about to put on. Then the sun dipped and dropped behind the horizon and...nothing happened. That was it. A few pastel shades remained in the sky for five minutes and then the darkness began to take a hold. No show, no spectacle, nothing. I was pleased I'd shot a few while I was waiting ... this image was one of them.

All Photography © Justin Hill