Friday, 22 March 2013

Friston, Western Light and Founded 1790

"Forest Path" :- Multiple shades and hues of green create this chlorophyll filled paradise that is the mighty Friston Forest in Sussex, England. It's a huge sprawling area of dense woodland that covers 3,000 acres and i's incredibly easy to get lost inside even if you stray just a little bit. I strayed a lot and let my camera lead the way and found after a while I had no idea at all as to which direction I was heading until I managed to spot the sun and worked out (roughly) where south was and set off in that direction. Fortunately for me after 10 or so minutes I reached the edge of the forest, climbed a low stone wall and found myself overlooking the Cuckmere Estuary.

"Platinum" :- This image caught me out completely as it ended up being far more dramatic than I had anticipated it to be. It was shot late afternoon (near 5pm) as the sun was starting to sink in the winter sky, a tear in the clouds allowed the light to come gushing through and provided a perfect backdrop for the old iron frame of the West Pier. It looked fine as a color image but something made me process it as a black and white and the result took my breath away!

"The Brewery" :- Harveys Brewery can be found in the ancient and very historical town of Lewes in Sussex, England. It was founded in 1790 and is still brewing and producing traditional beers to this day and many of the public houses within Sussex partake of it's supply of ales. The weather closed in and the odd flash of lightning and rumble of thunder told me it was time to pack up and go home. The entire building is a marvel and the wonderful Gothic type tower of the brewery has become a local landmark.

All Photography © Justin Hill