Monday, 25 March 2013

High Abode, Mazda Electric and City of Gold

"Life at the Top" :- This is Friars Bay beach located at Peacehaven on the south coast of England. Very tranquil and peaceful when it's calm and sunny but tumultuous and angry when the wind is strong and the waves are waging war against the coast line. If you look up along the line of the cliff top you can just make out the roof of a house. Whoever lives there has a wonderful view looking out over the English Channel but it must be a constant worry not knowing when your front garden or yard is going to disappear overnight and become part of the beach down below. Chalk falls are commonplace along the south coast.

"Iron Fountain" :- The "Mazda Electric Fountain" was donated to Brighton in 1930 by the Thompson-Houston company. It's situated at the Northern end of Victoria Gardens in the center of Brighton (England). It's a few years now since it's worked but I do remember just how wonderful it looked when it was in operation. The fountain runs on two mechanisms (one for the water and one for the multicolored lighting) controlled by a large "Tardis" like box on the pavement.

"El Dorado" :- A rather fanciful and exotic name for such a bland section of 1970's concrete. I chose the name "El Dorado" because the sunlight somehow managed to turn everything into a golden hue transforming it's own alchemy on what normally looks very drab and dull. The "real" El Dorado is of course the legendary "Lost City of Gold", that enthralled explorers since the days of the Spanish Conquistadors. Many have searched over the centuries in vain as no evidence for its existence has ever been found. What you see in this image is in fact the pedestrian walkway that spans between Brighton Marina and Duke's Mound on the seafront and not a Spanish Conquistador anywhere to be seen.

All Photography © Justin Hill